2015 P.D.407/80... Moving Season 487 more kilometers, Municipal Gallery of Ioannina, Ioannina

An artist has a life, and the best way to express it is through art. In this exibition you will get a glance into my life, you will see my personal way in life, well a part of it. In this pieces of art you will see my duty as a teacher of art in the University of Ioannina, as long as my life back then. I got hired as a 407 (a presidental dicree) and I decided that this name should be the best for this exsibition, due to the fact that the year that I made this exsibition was the last year for me as a 407. So you could say that this is the outcome of this work. Living in Athens with my family, it was hard to leave and travel to Ioannina, so I put each piece of art in 3 rooms to show the path that once was my life. The path, the travel and the people that were left behind for this purpose. In the first room you can see this path, the path of my life, the path that I took since I my self was a student, till I got to be the teacher, the path that I had to take to go to work, the path. In the second you can see the other path in my life, my family and my "heavy" backpack that I used to take along side me to leave and go to work. The last room is clearance, when I am where I belong, with the people I love, with the only thing that can make me happy, art.... When I can be with both parts of my life, without having to leave one for the other, the perfection. There is also a space between, this space is a humorous adoptation of the life with my coleagues and with my students outside the doors of the University. I hope that you can travel with me, that you can explore the life of an artist. I invite you to prepair your backpacks and ready yourselfs for tsipouro and art....

Room 1. "there"

The journey, the course, the stations, the curvature of time.

Room 2 "here"

What was left behind

Room 3 "inside"

The ideal, the purpose of the trip.

Intermediate spaces