2011 One month for "Bad Crowd" at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


Duration 26 January - 26 February 2011


Inspired by works that have a lot to say and '' know to us better '', a great artistic company aims to fill our creativity in the evenings from January 26th to February 26th at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

Award winning directors, producers and actors from seven films from four continents present their latest films and are preparing to talk to and interact with actors, directors, painters, choreographers, musicians, photographers and dancers from Greece. Throughout the month, more than 50 artists will communicate their creations and meet with their audience. The notion of concert and interaction between the arts gives rise to "talks" of the creators
which promote the co-ordination of different stimuli among themselves.

Directors such as Tayfun Pirselimoglu, Robert Connoly, Giannis Diamantopoulos, Burhan Qurbani, Nikola Lezaic, Drago Sholev, Hou-Ji Chan, and representatives of the new generation of Greek microphones "talk" with the audience through their films.

Artists such as Panagiotis Danilopoulos, Charis Kontosfiris, Andreas Lolis, Athanasios Beroutsos, Manolis Merampeliotis, Kostas Tsolis, Nikos Markou, Ismail Necmi and Tayfun Pirselimoglu exhibit their works and are inspired by the creations of the directors.

The dance group "Yet is moving" with dancers Giorgos Amenta, Pavlina Andriopoulou, Vassilis Dimas, Christoforos Makatsori, Chrysanthi Badeka, Kamilo Bentancor, Maria Louiza Papadopoulou and Christina Souyoultzi, strides between light and paradise and shows on the stage capabilities of the human body.
And the company will grow up constantly, inviting new musicians to play new sounds and fresh forms, as well as theater groups to create spectacles that will be pleasantly surprising. Thirty days filled with different types of arts intertwined creatively, a month where bad artistic groups will create art through "together" ...


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