2008 TRUE - FALSE, Art Space Eos, Athens

The importance of the binary system in the digital world of computers lies in the fact that discribes systems wich have only two situations; open-close, true-false, male-female, 0-1. Looks like a strugle between teams, a strugle without true winner, due to the fact that the question of true or false is immortal, and it roams into all societies, changing roles many times and redefinning situations. In the latest years, my involvement with computers made me discover a world that exists behind screens, consols for games, even our selfphones. A world that is being created with the electron flow in the transistors of the CPU and the cables of fiber optics and copper. This way, translating informations into materials, my thought led me in the creation of 3D images in space, that is back in sculpture. Throughout, thus, much travelling in screens, human figures turn into copper meshes, resources of 3D endless rederings out of their natural enviroment, along side us.