2008 Thinking in the olive tree, give a ride to a wheel, travel us, Fine Arts Exhibition for the Rally FIM 2008, 36 Psichari Art Gallery, Athens.


Duration: June 16 - June 28, 2008


The Cultural Organization "Streets of the Olive Tree" and the Chamber of Messinia, in collaboration with the 36 "Psycharis" Gallery, are organizing in Athens from 16-28 June, Exhibition of 27 Visual Artists (Painting, Sculpture, PHOTO). By transmitting the message: "With the thought in the olive tree, move on a wheel of our journey"

Artists participate:

P. Aggelidis, N. Antonopoulou, A. Aivazoglou, M. Papatheodorou-Valyraki, S. Vathanidis, A. Dara, E. Dionysopoulou, M. Theofylaktopoulos, G. Kontaxis, D. Koukos, C. Koufopoulos, S. Lytras, M. Mantzidis, N. Matragas, P. Matsakos, K. Mavrommatis, D. Myliotis, P. Batsiaris, Th. Beroutsos, G. Papanellopoulos, Th. Papatheodorou, T. Pikionis, N. Rizou, P. Tzambourani, A. Tsipropoulou, E. Funk, A. Chatzaras


Exhibition catalogue