2000 "Bosch" Gallery, Athens


Review Chr. Christos for the exhibition

Student of Th. Papagiannis at the School of Sculpture of the Athens School of Fine Arts, student with scholarship of N.S.F. for three years and with courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich - three months with the ERASMUS scholarship - Athanasios Beroutsos is distinguished by the extent of the reflections and the nature of his searches. With even design studies and engraving studies in the I.Papadakis workshop, beyond sculpting he is also interested in design and color values. He is not limited to sculpture, nor just the known and established materials in wood and metal, plaster, bakelite and its combinations. He uses his sculpture and design and color values, and he is also interested in VIDEO as another means of expressive intervention. In all his artistic creation, sculpture, painting, drawing, combinations, experimental categories, he has the objective reality. Its morphoplastic vocabulary is based on the contradictory contours of form and space, small and large, biorhythmic and geometric types. He uses formatting and fragmentation, repetitive themes, design and color, monument, and miniature elements. Essentially his works are depicting concerns and threats for man and life. This is easily found in sculptures such as Crows I and II, and in the SLIDES composites in Crowd III, with the tiny anthropic forms and the abstract geometric volume on them. In the same climate of anxiety and uncertainty, we carry other works, such as Culture, Society, 20th Century with their suggestive features. With Beruchs we have an artist who always keeps on searching, is distinguished by the character and courage of experiments and the richness of his expressive language.

Emeritus Professor of Art History, Academic

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