1993 2&1, Alba Art Gallery, Athens


Duration: 1 February - 20 February 1993

Artists participate:
Th. Apostolou, S. Diakoumis, Th. Beroutsos

From the exhibition catalog:

I have long stopped the preludes of young people because they are so many and good that it does not take me anymore. I now make a small exception because I found it nice to try this place in Agia Paraskevi. It is comforting people to care about Art and help younger people. Then I am delighted to greet once again the first exhibition of these three artists. They have all the evidence that confirms (as long as it is possible to ascertain in Art) that they start well with strong bases. It is worthwhile to see them, now in the first steps, of a life I wish to be right, because there is also the talent for slavery.

Thanasis Beroutsos is a quiet force in the Lab. Although I know him very little, I have no doubts about his development. From the very first moment he gave samples that consolidate in me the belief that I have to do with an artist. The file of his designs, a first great sample. Plans full of power and sensitivity. Seminar and hardworking is not enough only for the exercises of the Laboratory, it draws Craft with him, wherever he is thinking. He is inventive, methodical and manufactures excellent despite his little experience. He is anxious despite his seeming calm, which is necessary for an artist and I really enjoy the discussions with him. He always has something new to suggest, so I only think of how to win the way in this race that is the course in Art. I hope that if he continues with the course he has done, the positive result, then, will be certain.

Exhibition catalogue